News Release: Hemedex, Inc. Joins Attainia

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News Release: Hemedex, Inc. Joins Attainia

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (April 6, 2015) –Hemedex, Inc., the leader in quantitative monitoring of blood flow in soft tissue, is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Attainia, the industry leader in healthcare equipment planning solutions. Hemedex’s products are now listed in Attainia’s extensive database, and have been incorporated into Attainia’s templates which aid in the outfitting of ICUs, ORs, trauma centers, and neurosurgery departments.

“Hospitals face an overwhelming amount of pressure to equip new departments with the best technology to manage their patient population”, states Dr. Fred Bowman, CEO & President of Hemedex, Inc. “Attainia provides a means of closing the gap between suppliers and providers and assists in educating providers on the products available on the market today.”

Hemedex, Inc. manufactures The Bowman Perfusion Monitor® (BPM). The BPM is the only bedside monitor that continuously quantifies tissue blood flow (perfusion) in realtime, in absolute physiological units of ml/100g-min. In neurological applications, monitoring cerebral blood flow (CBF) alerts clinicians to the onset of swelling-induced ischemia and vasospasm. In combination with mean arterial pressure, CBF monitoring enables real-time detection of loss of cerebral autoregulation. Managing adequate CBF levels is key to reducing injuries secondary to initial trauma, and the BPM provides this critical information continuously, enabling clinicians to intervene when necessary and to evaluate the effectiveness of administered therapy in real-time. The Bowman Perfusion Monitoring System consists of the BPM, the QFlow 500™ Perfusion Probe and Umbilical Cord.

Also included on Attainia’s product database is Hemedex’s line of cranial bolts which secure one or more intracranial probes in place: single-lumen, dual-lumen, and the recently released quad-lumen bolt kit. The quad lumen bolt is designed to universally secure each of the intracranial sensors commonly used in the growing application of Multimodal Monitoring in neurocritical care permitting the co-localization of all the monitored physiology through one burr hole.

Hemedex’s products can be found in the Attainia online product catalog. For more information on Hemedex and their products please visit their website at

About Attainia:

Founded in 2001, Attainia provides innovative solutions to managing the capital equipment lifecycle for some of the largest healthcare capital equipment firms, individual hospitals and hospital purchasing groups. Attainia’s online based project planning connects its subscribers to an elaborate list of manufacturers and products to assist hospitals with the complex task of equipping any hospital department, ICU, OR etc. For more information, visit

About Hemedex, Inc.:

Hemedex, Inc. manufactures patient monitoring technology, the Bowman Perfusion Monitor®, for quantifying tissue blood flow. The Company’s patented technology provides clinicians with a powerful tool, which can provide an early warning of compromised blood flow and help target appropriate therapies rapidly and accurately. Data from the Bowman Perfusion Monitor helps guide physicians in implementing effective treatments quickly, creating the potential to improve patient outcomes and lower costs. Hemedex’s technology addresses unmet needs in many clinical areas such as neurocritical care (e.g., TBI, SAH), neurosurgery (e.g., TAO, EC-IC Bypass, Moya Moya), reconstructive surgery and organ transplantation, among others.  For more information, visit

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