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Hemedex’s Bowman Perfusion Monitoring system has received its most intense use in neurosurgical and neurocritical care applications.  The utility of the system for detecting vasospasm and other compromised perfusion when managing patients with traumatic brain injury or subarachnoid hemorrhage is well documented, as noted in the publication section.

The system has also proved useful in a variety of other applications, including organ transplantation, reconstructive surgery, and oncology.  Because adequate perfusion is essential to all tissues, there are many conditions for which monitoring blood perfusion could improve treatment, cost, and ultimately patient outcomes. Clinicians and scientists are exploring the use of the BPM in new markets and clinical applications, some of which is noted in the cited literature.


Neurosurgeon/Neurologist/Neurointensivist – Neuro ICU




Integrating Absolute CBF Values with other Brain Physiology:

Multimodal Monitoring



Neurosurgeon OR: Applications of Perfusion (CBF) Monitored in the OR



Additional Features and Benefits Associated with other Parameters:





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