Functional Features & Display

Understanding the Monitor and Display Features

The following images present some of the essential visual features of the Bowman Perfusion Monitor®



MONITORStatus Bar: indicates the current operational phase of the monitor, time remaining until next phase, and status alerts.

Perfusion Value: large numerical display of perfusion in absolute units updated second-by-second

Perfusion Plot: patient perfusion plotted over time updated second-by-second in absolute units of ml/100g-min

Tissue Temperature: tissue temperature updated second-by-second

Delta Temperature:

-During Temperature Stabilization Phase ΔTemp indicates the temperature difference between the 2 sensors of the probe when the tip sensor is not being heated.

-During Perfusion Measurement Phase ΔTemp indicates probe temperature in degree °C above the tissue temperature (Temp) when the tip sensor is being heated.

PPA: Probe Placement Assistant, a tool that informs the clinician of the quality of the signal measured by the probe that reflects the presence of cardiac induced pulsatility which may introduce artifact.    The following are the ranges of the PPA value:

KeyK Value: tissue thermal conductivity is a function of tissue water content and ranges between 4.8-5.9 in brain tissue.

Menus: these buttons provide access to the various features of the monitor.

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