Bowman Perfusion Monitor

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The Bowman Perfusion Monitor® (BPM) (cat. #H0000-0710) is the most innovative technology of its kind. The BPM continuously quantifies tissue blood flow (perfusion) in real-time, in absolute physiological units of ml/100g-min.

The BPM provides insight for therapy by giving real-time and contextual trend data. In neurological applications observing absolute levels of cerebral blood flow (CBF) alerts clinicians to the onset of swelling induced ischemia and the onset of vasospasm. Managing CBF levels is key to reducing injuries secondary to initial trauma. With this type of critical information a clinician is able to react and evaluate the effectiveness of the administered therapy in real-time.

The BPM is easy to set up and operate. The system does not require zeroing or calibration, thus giving the clinician more time with their patient. The large display allows observation of the current values as well as review of the data trends.

The Bowman Perfusion Monitoring System consists of the BPM, the QFlow 500™ Perfusion Probe, an Umbilical Cord, and QFlow 500™ Titanium Bolts for optimal fixation.

  • Bedside monitoring of perfusion, temperature, and thermal conductivity
  • Detects changes in blood flow in real‐time including the onset of ischemia
  • Offers valuable diagnostic and prognostic information
  • Provides insight for patient-specific therapy
  • Detects onset of vasospasm in comatose patients
  • Helps guide and assess pharmacologic interventions
  • In conjunction with CPP, permits determination of state of autoregulation
  • In conjunction with CPP, permits determination of cerebral vascular resistance (CVR) shown to predict impending vasospasm
  • Detects cardiac induced brain vessel pulsatility
  • Increases understanding of pathophysiology
  • Requires no user calibration or zeroing
  • IV pole or shelf mountable
  • Streams measurements via RS‐232 that can be collected by multimodal monitoring data systems
  • User-friendly interface with easy-to-use menu buttons
  • Prints tabular data and waveforms
  • Programmable visual/audio alarm

Where is the BPM primarily used and in what type of patient population?

  • Neurointensive Care Unit (SAH, TBI, ICH, …)
  • OR (TAO, AVM, Moya-Moya, EC-IC Bypass, …)

What information does the BPM display in addition to perfusion?

Tissue temperature:

  • In the process of measuring perfusion, the BPM measures tissue temperature

Tissue thermal conductivity (K):

  • In the process of measuring perfusion, the BPM measures the tissue property thermal conductivity (K), which is a function of tissue water content.  Excessive tissue water content is edema. (*)

(*) Sang-Bae Ko,  H. Alex Choi, Gunjan Parokah, J. Michael Schmidt, Kiwon Lee, Neeraj Badjatia, Jan Claassen, E. Sander Connolly, and Stephan A. Mayer.  “Real Time Estimation of Brain Water Content in Comatose Patients.”  Annals of Neurology DOI: 10.1002/ana.23619 (2012).

Can the BPM accommodate more than one probe?

The BPM connects with one probe at a time.

Can the BPM interface with other patient monitors?

The BPM provides both analog and digital outputs which interface with a number of patient monitors and data acquisition systems.

Digital output interfaces:  (all 4 systems here do work with the digital data stream)

  • ICU Pilot by M-Dialyis
  • CNS System by CNS Technologies
  • Bedmaster by Excel Medical
  • ICM+ by University of Cambridge

Analog output interfaces:

  • Phillips monitors: using VueLink
  • Powerlab by AD Instruments
  • BCI2000

Can I review patient data on the monitor?

Yes, current and prior patient data still on the monitor can be reviewed on the screen.

How much data can be stored on the BPM?

The BPM can store up to 15 days of patient data.

Can I download patient data?

Yes, patient data can be downloaded for review and analysis. Hemedex provides the user with downloading tools. If you are a current user, click here for support.

How often should I download patient data?

The available time for storing data (indicated in days) is always shown at the bottom right of the screen. We recommend you download patient data if you believe your monitoring will extend longer than the available time.

Does the BPM have alarms?

Yes, the alarms are disabled by default.  User can enable alarms and set limits.

What can you print from the BPM?

Through the internal printer, you have the option to print the following:

  1. Perfusion vs. time plot
  2. Perfusion and temperature vs. time plots (on the same strip)
  3. List of Time, K, and PPA values
  4. Current BPM settings.

Does the BPM need to be calibrated or zeroed?

No, the monitor requires no calibration or zeroing.

Can the BPM operate on battery power?

No, the BPM operates on A/C power (110V or 220V, depending on location)

Can the BPM be pole mounted?



Standard 1 (one) year warranty included with the purchase of a Bowman Perfusion Monitor® (BPM)

Standard 1 year Warranty with purchase.  Hemedex, Inc., warranties this product for a period of 1 year, from the date of installation (as evidenced by receipt of warranty card by Hemedex) and technical acceptance by the final customer, limited to parts and labor.

A return authorization number must be obtained from Hemedex, Inc., before returning a unit for repair. Warranty covered repairs will not be performed without a return authorization number. At the option of Hemedex, Inc., a defective unit will be either repaired or replaced.

This warranty does not cover damage by any cause including, but not limited to, any malfunction, defect, or failure caused by or resulting from unauthorized service or parts, improper maintenance, operation contrary to furnished instructions, shipping or transit accidents, modifications or repair by the user, harsh environments, misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, incorrect line voltage, fire, flood, other natural disasters, or normal wear and tear. Changes or modifications not approved by Hemedex, Inc., void the warranty.

The foregoing is in lieu of all other expressed warranties and Hemedex, Inc., does not assume or authorize any party to assume for it any other obligation or liability.

Extended warranty options and pricing available upon request.


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