Quad Lumen Bolt Kit

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The QFlow 500™ Titanium Bolt – Quad Lumen Bolt Kit (cat. #H0000-3644) provides a bolt that  individually  secures the QFlow 500™ Perfusion Probe and three other sensors through one small burr hole in the cranium enabling monitoring of up to 6 intracranial parameters (ICP, PbtO2, Perfusion, Temperature, IEEG, Microdialysis).

The kit includes a 5.3mm drill bit, depth collar, hex wrench, compression fittings, sealing caps, stylets, sensor introducers, scalpel, and a pigtail extension.

This is the optimal solution for the user that seeks quad-port access.


  • Provides access through four ports via one burr hole
  • Requires no additional tools to insert or remove the bolt, other than a drill
  • Made of titanium
  • Secures the perfusion probe and three additional sensors
  • Clear lumens to facilitate reading sensor depth markings
  • Wing nut for easy threading
  • CT Compatible

The kit contains:

  • Quad Lumen Bolt
  • 5.3mm Drill Bit
  • Depth Collar
  • Hex Wrench
  • Sealing Caps
  • Compression Fittings
  • Stylets
  • Sensor Introducers
  • Scalpel
  • Pigtail Extension

What are the sizes of the lumens?

  • Version 1:  There is one lumen that can accommodate devices that are less than 0.080″ in diameter and three lumens that can accommodate devices that are  0.054”   in diameter.  (Limited quantity available)
  • Version 2:  There is one  lumen that can accommodate devices that are less than 0.076″ in diameter.  There are two lumens that can accommodate  devices that are less than 0.063″ in diameter without introducer and 0.053”  in diameter with introducers.  There is one lumen that can accommodate devices that are less than 0.045” in diameter.

Refer to the IFU for additional details.


Is the Quad Lumen Bolt CT compatible?

  • Yes


Does your bolt permit both compression and luer lock connections on each lumen?

  • Yes


What is the maximum time the bolt can be left in situ?

  • The bolt is indicated for 14 days of use.


Is the Quad Lumen Bolt  reusable?

  • No, the bolt is a single use item.


Why does the kit include “introducers”?

  • Introducers are used for delicate sensors that may need help passing through the dura.


Why does the kit include 4 sealing caps?

  • Sealing caps permit the neurosurgeon to place the bolt which subsequentialy allows the neurointensivist to later place any number  of  sensors as indicated for patient managment.


Why does the kit include an extensions?

  • After removing the compression fitting the extension transforms the short lumen into a lumen length sized to accommodate commercially available intracranial senors that have fixed luer lock connections.

Dimensionally Compatible Sensors*

  • QFlow 500TM Perfusion Probe
  • Depth Electrode
  • Codman Microsensor ICP
  • Raumedic Neurovent (PTO 2L)
  • Integra Camino ICP (1104-L)
  • Integra Licox T+P02 (CC1P1)
  • Integra Licox PbT02 (CC1SB)
  • M Dialysis

*Hemedex makes no claims with respect to the functionality and performance of any sensor other than the Hemedex QFlow 500™ Perfusion Probe.

Which sensors fit in which of the 3 sized lumens?

qlb sensor lumen chart 1

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