Single Lumen Bolt Kit

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  • SL bolt with probe

    Perfusion Probe with Single Lumen Bolt


  • SL Bolt Kit on Black 675x460 Better

    QFlow 500™ Titanium Bolt – Single Lumen Bolt Kit


  • SL Wrench and Drill Bit on Black 675x460

    QFlow 500™ Titanium Bolt – Single Lumen Drill Bit & Wrench


  • SLB Kit image 2


    Single Lumen Bolt Kit with Dura Piercer

  • SL bolt

    QFlow 500™ Titanium Bolt – Single Lumen


  • SL-Bolt-Placement-IFU-675x460

    QFlow 500™ Titanium Bolt – Single Lumen IFU placement


  • slb components and chart

    Single Lumen Bolt Kit Components and Dimensionally Compatible Sensors

  • slb placement guide

    Probe Placement Guide: Single Lumen Bolt

The QFlow 500™ Titanium Bolt – Single Lumen Bolt Kit (H0000-3631) provides a bolt that secures the minimally invasive QFlow 500™ Perfusion Probe through a small burr hole in the cranium.

The kit includes a 2.7mm drill bit, depth collar, and hex wrench.

Stand-alone single lumen bolt (cat. #H0000-3601) also available for individual purchase.

This is the optimal solution for the user that seeks a single port access.

  • Provides single access port
  • Other than a drill, requires no additional tools to insert or remove the bolt
  • Made of titanium
  • Secures the perfusion probe
  • Easy to place
  • Wing nut for easy threading
  • Silicone sealing gasket
  • CT compatible


The kit contains:

  • Single Lumen Bolt
  • Drill Bit
  • Depth Collar
  • Hex Wrench

What is the size of the lumen?

0.060″(1.5mm) in diameter.

Is the Single Lumen Bolt CT compatible?



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